Format of Campogrande Concept

Historical residences are certainly an heritage of enormous value for every country. In Italy, as a country with the largest number of cultural assets, the historical-artistic architectural heritage represents an essential part of the cultural identity and it can also be defined as the most important in the entire world.

In order to preserve the heritage as a remembrance of the past, the present generations have to bequeath it to future generations through the tutelage and the improvement of historical buildings. It is their responsibility to preserve them from decay and devastation. After the renovation of the main floor of Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, Stefano Campogrande established at the beginning of 2013 with Daniela Scognamillo Campogrande Concept.

The mission of Campogrande Concept was exactly the enhancement of this historical palace of the second half of the 17th century. It was in fact opened to the city of Bologna and to the entire world by means of fascinating and wonderful offers of contemporary art, design and fashion.

This know-how has been conveyed in a format which is passed on to other owners of historical residences from the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy and the rest of the world. We also recommend and suggest methods, timing, expenses and benefits in order to accomplish similar projects. Furthermore, these projects are very resourceful to the social and economic development in order to create other “concepts” with a dynamic and lively soul, with the aim of enhancing the territory and gradually enlarging the network of historical residences to promote to tour operators.

From this perspective, Campogrande Concept makes available its team and advisor network in the fields of architecture and renovation, banking, finance, legal and the relationship with institutions.

Soon will also be launched our TV Channel and a streaming connection for the most important events.