Aleandro RoncarĂ  is told

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Friday, February 13 hours 18.30 - Swasthik Roncarà it is said! Second meeting dedicated to the POP artists SMILE ON BO ...


Epilepsy-Take the colours of the soul

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Monday, 26 Jan 18.30 hours "epilepsy-Take the colors of the soul"-"what is epilepsy and because this disease is accompanied by ancient prejudices that in spite of the evolution of science you can't delete"?
These and many other questions we will try to give an answer with our distinguished guests from the world of entertainment, journalism and academia.


Smile project in the world Onlus

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Sunday, January 25 at the event POP SMILE ON BO in favor of "smile project in the world Onlus", the exhibition will be enriched with a portrait: Maurizio Galimberti will make a portrait, portrait performance performed live in Marco Di Vaio, who will be immortalized by the Instant Artist with its unique and particular mosaic technique that has made him famous for portraits made to celebrities , so as to be in first place in the ranking of photos-Italian portraitists compiled by Class magazine.