The main floor of Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande holds great surprises to the visitor: arriving in the area which was once historically private, he can discover a corner of the past of the beautiful Italy. Here the visitor is able to admire the frescoes of the second half of the 17th century which are also the setting of our contemporary art exhibitions. The provocations of the artists contaminate the environment in a very fascinating way with equilibrium.

Our passion for art has strongly determined our format. This passion is what drives us to arrange and coordinate exhibitions, live performances, workshops and debates dedicated to painting, sculpture, photography and to every form of communication andartistic expression.

The evaluation of the projects depends on the schedule of events, since our aim is to offer the visitors the best creative and cultural proposal. Campogrande Concept turns into a place where different disciplines and cultures converge
and where there are no limits to communication. We also offer new means for the acquisition of contemporary art artworks or design objects, like “Art on Demand”, temporary rental for expositions, presentations, events, photo shoots, etc.