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Campogrande Concept is artistic and cultural platform, which constantly stimulates synergies and collaborations between worlds and entrepreneurial activities, in order to make the space a showcase where interacting partners and sponsors.

The reports, clients and projects so, make an important opportunity Concept Campogrande of vision, strategic and innovative for the main sponsor, ready to contribute to the implementation of the format, location and activities for associations open to this sharing for the benefit of their members.

As happens with Internations and Connect Bologna, which will create a network of cultural interchange, putting at the Centre Bologna and its heritage.

Development of meetings and conferences is the result of collaborations with partner type Noema Congresses, and the welcome and tours is through the organizational structure of Bologna Art Hotel.

Campogrande Concept also works, for fund-raising, with Save The Children, the Hospice Foundation Seragnoli, the AGEOP, the ANT and smile project in the world Onlus.

The transformation of location between one event and another, for a parade, a themed evening or a business presentation, is produced in collaboration with technical sponsor exhibitions or furnishing provide those elements suitable for various needs, such as the Interior Designer Fabrizio Cocchi.

Evaluating projects and partnerships therefore to create together a network serving those looking for new proposals.